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5 Reasons why Backlinks are just waste of Time

Backlinks are official ranking signal by Google, But the Title of the post says something else right? Well I personally feel Backlinks are just waste of time for getting ranked on Top results on Search Engines.

I will give you my Insights where I will share my strong opinions around Backlinks

Read the post till the end so that you could have a final output of Backlinks.

My Opinions and Insights around Backlinks are as Follows,


1. Backlink Mindset Ruins Ultimate Strategy 


I will narrate with a story, “Client discovers that Backlinks are the only way to get success for his Website/Online Business, he ends up with some sleezy digital marketing agency for X Dollars which settles with false motives. Agency ends up doing some Black hat stuff via Fiverr Gig, Bot Manipulation and so on”. After some weeks or months Client gets his Site penalized by Search Engines and looses his Business.

Bottom line: Lost his additional money as well ( Agency Expense ) which could have been used for growing the Business.

When you create a Digital Marketing Plan, never add generating backlinks as primary Goal. That’s the wrong approach what i feel.

Whenever you Build or Create a Website, these are prime motives in most cases

  • Getting Traffic
  • Generating Sales
  • Making it Popular
  • Making Money

Achieving these Goals must rely on Product Creation efforts which could be a Content Website, E-commerce Website or any other Web Application.

I strongly believe that Backlinks are important but not the Ultimate Strategy. Having that kind of mindset is very small I feel.

If Google, Facebook or Youtube which are the Top Websites on the Internet focused on Getting Backlinks they woudn’t be here now, Instead they focused more about Improving and Growing the Product.

Have Clear mindset from day one. You want to create great content? Focus on the Audience and never think about the Output. “Just do it” as Nike says.

Few ideas which I could give you is as follows

  • Focus on the Audience aka Customer
  • Remove Backlink Element from the strategy and think as if there is no Word such as Backlink
  • Focus more on the On-page Element
  • Have Great Usability


2. You End up loosing Focus 


Focus is the key is every field and situation, if you are not focused, you will never have good output in the work. I struggled with the Focus factor a lot. Internet is a place where you are distracted like hell.

At one instance you fixed your mindset to work and after few minutes you open another Tab and watch Youtube and waste time on social media.

It’s the same with the Backlink Mindset, you never focus on delivering value for the website. Instead you are discovering new methods to generate backlinks and in the process you never create good content.

These are the main key issues with the Backlink Mindset

  • Build Backlinks in shorter span just to show our competitors
  • We forget to create Content which is far more important than backlinks
  • We waste time in the Link Building Activities which drain our mental energy
  • We tend to loose focus
  • We get distracted by the actual mission

The main reason for this is Traffic Greed. The word Backlink in the SEO World is overly put in your minds. Every new Blogger and SEO Learner is taught How and why Backlinks are Important.

They try doing Link Building stuff which doesn’t get them any Organic traffic and Backlinks as well, in the process they get demotivated and do stuff which is Unethical and at the end the outcome is worse.

Bottom Line: You loose your money ( Domain, Hosting and other expenses ) + You loose motivation to go further ahead + You loose creativity which is the most important part in the Online World.


3. Your Creativity will drain

As I mentioned above, you loose creativity. That’s true.

You came into Blogging to share information, you came into the Online World to make money. Whatever your reasons are just focus on them and don’t get distracted.

You know I wasted 2 years just for getting results fast and the truth is I never really achieved anything.

I tried Black Hat Link Building, I tried spamming on forums and social media, I tried building fake blogs and fake youtube accounts for the greed of Google Adsense Money. At the end I got surprises from the Google and other Networks, Ban ! Ban !

I lost my vision for Blogging and the interest to share stuff, i realized after that, it’s better to be genuine and authentic.

I know how it feels when you put enough work and don’t get any results.

Results can be different for everyone

  • For some results can be Organic Traffic for Website
  • For some results can be growing Social Media Followers
  • For some it may be making Money Online
  • For some it may be fame

But, trust me have patience. Getting results online takes hell lot time.

Stick to your Vision even if you don’t get results. Even if 1 or 2 people need your Content you are doing good.


4. Your Mind Becomes Black Hat 


Link Building is tough and requires time to execute.

You see your competitors website which has huge backlinks and on the other hand you hardly have few links.

That greed and competition will make your mind Black Hat which will make you do things which is unethical.

You go to SEO Events, Conferences and meet other folks and most of them talk about the Link Building stuff, you as a beginner loose your focus and think link building is very major role in getting success for the website.

If you think that having higher backlinks result in higher rankings then you are again distracted my friend.

I never knew until i got results for myself.

I rank for the following keyword on the Google Search + I have just 200 Backlinks and very low Authority

  • SEO Tips 2018
  • Proven SEO Tips
  • 20 SEO Tips

Plus I also rank on the Google in the Featured Snippet on Google.

SEO Strategies


5. You Think very Small


Yes, you think very small. You build the website and build some links and traffic and then pitch people and sell for X dollars.


Blog Post Written: 30/01/2019

Last Updated: 16/04/2019

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