Hello Everyone, My Name is Abdul Nafey and I am the Founder and Owner of this Website. I started this website in 2016 to share resources and articles on Blogging, Digital Marketing and Making Money Online, but later shifted the entire website into SEO and Inbound marketing.

Talking about me, I am in the Online World from 6 years from now. I have been doing Blogging, Freelancing, Building and Testing Websites and Blogs and bunch of other things in the Online World. Doing all these activities I gained some quality SEO and Digital Marketing Knowledge which I wanted to share.

Let’s shift the Talk to Seodumb.

What is SEODUMB ?

Seodumb is a Website/Blog on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Inbound Marketing. You can learn about Latest SEO Hacks and find Resources around Inbound Marketing.

I wanted to Document my whole SEO and Inbound Marketing Experiences under one roof, That’s when I decided to Document all the SEO Resources at Seodumb.


What can you Find on Seodumb?

You can Find and Learn about,

  • SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO Resources and Advanced Learning Materials
  • SEO Conferences
  • Inbound Marketing Conferences
  • Hacks and Tested Strategies

Do you know that SEO and Inbound Marketing are two crucial Digital Marketing Components or Modules. If you can learn and apply it on your Business and Job, Trust me you can see amazing results.

Do you also know that Everyday 2 Billion Searches on Google are performed for Searching Products, Information and Services, so it’s a clear data that you as a Business owner needs to be on Top of Google. So how do you do that ? You do that by applying SEO and Content Marketing Strategies.

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