Hello Everyone, I am Abdul Nafey, The Founder of this Blog.

Seodumb is a Blog for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers who want to Learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing from Stratch.

I have been Blogging for more than 4 years and in those 4 years there were Huge Successes as well as Huge Failures.

What Blogging taught me is that we should never Stop Learning and keep on Exploring the Knowledge and share it among the World.


As I have mentioned above that I have been Doing Blogging and Making Money Online Stuff for almost 4 years, I have Compiled all my Experiences, Success and Failures under One Roof.

  • To Train people to Lead Financial Independent Lives by Blogging
  • Help People who are Struggling in Online World
  • Train People in Affiliate Marketing
  • To Guide people on Developing Skill Sets
  • Helping People in Freelancing

It’s a long Vision and Journey, But without the Support and Contribution of the Audience it cannot Happen.


How I Entered into Blogging?


It all Started in my 9th Standard back then in 2011 where I created my First Blog on Blogspot and I felt Like I have achieved Something, You know How it Feels ? Right ? when you see “.com” 🙂

Back then I used to Copy Content and share it, I have also created a Hindi Songs blog on Blogspot where I copied Download Links and used to Embed on my Blog. The blog address was Hubcorm and Abdul Nafey.

At that time I din’t even know that we Could make Money from Blog, Eventually I stopped all these. I thought I was wasting my time and it Effected my Studies also. Till 3 Years I never did Blogging and didn’t Explored anything ( That was a Mistake, I regret it for Not Exploring ).

In my Final Ending of 12th Standard, I saw a Fake Advertisement mentioning ” This Guy from Telangana is Making 3 Lakh a Month, Sitting at the Comfort of His Home and Has Bought an Audi and Blah Blah Blah . I was like, Wow it’s amazing, I was Curious Enough that what the Thing was Really.

In the Process of Exploring “Make Money Online” Stuff, I Failed my 12th Board Examinations and was at Home for 1 Year for preparation of Supplementary Examination for next year. I was sad but the I started Digging the Internet Deeper and Deeper, I found out we can Genuinely make Money Online by Blogging, Freelancing, Entrepreneurship ( Dot Com Boom ).

Somehow I found out the Blog of Harsh Agrawal( Shour Me Loud ).

After that I never Looked Back, Yes I had both Failures and Success, Blogging doesn’t mean that you only get succeed all time, It’s like Up and Down Curve, But the Upper Curve happens the Most.

I have Learned : 

  • Real Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Digital Marketing Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Some Coding Languages
  • Discovered Passion for Travel and Working

At Seodumb you can Learn :

At SEODUMB you can Learn about Professional Bloggin, Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Topics Shared and Explained :

  • Professional Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Making Money Online
  • Productivity Tips
  • Few SEO tips
  • Tutorials
  • Everything Learned New will we Updated on Seodumb