What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing ?


Affiliate Marketing



What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a Method of Promoting Products and Services for merchants or Company for an Agreed Commission Rate.

Affiliate Marketing is Proven to be an Excellent Business Strategy for Growth Hacking for Both Merchants and Affiliates.

Before knowing about Affiliate Marketing, You need to Know some Important Terminologies Related to Affiliate Marketing.



Important Terms in Affiliate Marketing


  • Affiliate:  Affiliate is a Person or a Company Promoting Products for a Merchant for a Fixed Commission.
  • Affiliate Link: This is a Link where Affiliate is Provided a Link by a Merchant which includes Tracking Code which Tracks your Sales or Leads.
  • Associate:  Other Term for an Affiliate.
  • Affiliate Program:  Program made by Merchants for Affiliates where Rules and Policies are specified like Commission rates, Banners, Affiliate Links, Payment Settings. This is where you Join as an Affiliate and Promote Merchants Products.
  • Merchant: Merchant is a Person or Product Company which Allows Affiliates to Promote their Products and Services.
  • Niche: Niche can be also called as Category in Simple Terms, For Example Health, Business, Finance, Tech are called as a Niche. If you write about Technology then your Niche is Technology and you need to Find Products in Technology Niche. Any Core Topic can be called as a Niche.
  • Commission : Percentage Fixed by an Affiliate Program.
  • Link Cloaking : Affiliate Link Provided by an Affiliate is very Dirty and Looks Spammy, To avoid this we make the URL Short and Clean so that it doesn’t look like a Spam Link.
  • Payouts : This is the Most Important aspect where you add your Payment Method which can be Paypal, Check and Direct Bank Transfer.

Affiliate Marketing Marketplaces and Networks


Amazon Affiliates



Commision Junction ( CJ )

Impact Radius

Max Bounty

Click Bank






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