How to Install and Configure Akismet WordPress Plugin | Anti-Spam Solution for WordPress |

Akismet is an Anti-Spam Solution for Spam Comments, It is a very Popular Plugin for Blacklisting the Spam Comments.

This Plugin should be Installed in Every WordPress Site. It’s Completely Free of Cost.

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Why you Should use Akismet WordPress Plugin :


It’s a Must have Plugin. This plugin reduces the Headache of Comments Moderation. Some Website Owners Spread Spam though the form of Comment making it Vulnerable to Hacking, So in order to be safe from these kind of malicious activity it’s better to Filter the Spam a step ahead.

Akismet comes into place when stopping spam comments.

Nothing is worse than a hacked WordPress Site, You loose everything Data, Personal Information and Many More. so It’s better to be aware of the Situations.


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How to Install Akismet WordPress Plugin :


Step 1 :

  • Go to the Section Plugins in WordPress Dashboard
  • Search Akismet in the WordPress Directory


Akismet WordPress Plugin



Step 2 :


Step 3 :

  • Now after you have Installed the Plugin, You need to Configure the Setting and Set up Akismet Account
  • Go to the Section where the Akismet Plugin is Installed.
  • Click on the Button Get your API Key
  • If you have the API Key just Fill it in the Bar and you are Done.


Akismet WordPress Plugin


Step 4 :

  • Fill the Details Like E-mail, Name and Password
  • If you Don’t have a WordPress Account then Signup for the Account
  • If you have Just Log in your WordPress Acount.

Akismet WordPress Plugin


Step 5 :

  • You can Select the Plan according to you.
  • For New and Fresh Sites The Free Plan is Enough
  • If the Traffic is Huge then I would Recommend $ 5 Plan
  • In the Free Plan you get all features which are required to perform actions
  • In Pro Plans you get Additional Support from the Team.


Akismet WordPress Plugin


Step 6 :

  • After Filling and Performing all the Actions Just go for the Free Plan as you can see Below.
  • This is How you can get Akismet WordPress Plugin for Free.


Akismet WordPress Plugin


Step 7 :

  • Click on the Link “Activate this Site”

Akismet WordPress Plugin


Step 8 :

  • After all the Process you get the API Key for the Installation.
  • Click on “Save Changes”

Akismet WordPress Plugin



This is how you can Install Akismet WordPress Plugin, This Plugin will help you very much in the Long run of your Blogging Career.


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