Magic of Astra WordPress Theme | Honest Review

Are you Struggling in Choosing a WordPress Theme?

Well I was at the same place when Choosing a WordPress Theme.

I had Concerns like

  • Design and Customization Flexiblity
  • Performance and SEO Optimized WordPress Theme
  • User Friendly

Most of the WordPress Theme Providers either have one or two of the above key things mentioned. I was very Frustrated and confused. But now I am very much happy with the Decision I made by choosing WPAstra as my Primary WordPress Theme.

In this Post I will cover Everything about Astra Theme.

  • Overview and Installation of Astra Theme
  • Astra Theme Features
  • Real time Performance Testing
  • Honest Review of Astra WordPress Theme


Astra WordPress Theme Overview

Astra is a Product of Brainstorm Group, They are 9 Years in the Business with Extremely Talented Designers and Passionate WordPress Developers. They are Extremely Good at what they Do.

Astra WordPress Theme is launched very late by Observing Solving the Issues in the WordPress Theme Ecosystem.

I will address more Technical Details in the Performance Section.

Let’s see How you Can Install Astra WordPress Theme.

Astra WordPress Theme is available in both Free and Paid Versions. If you want just to try, You can try their Free Version But if you are more serious about your Website, Then I highly suggest you buy the Premium Version.

Installation of Astra WordPress Theme


Astra WordPress Theme Review | Best WordPress Theme


  • Download Astra Theme from Directory or purchase the Premium Version for Full Features.
  • Upload Theme Files and Install.

Astra Theme Features 



  • No Jquery
  • Loads under 1 Minute
  • Size of the Theme is just 50kb
  • Theme is nicely optimized for SEO Resulting in Higher Rankings on Search Engines.


Design Options 

  • Layouts
  • Header and Footer Options
  • Transparent Header ( Pro Plan )
  • Sticky Header ( Pro Plan )
  • Mobile Headers ( Pro Plan )
  • Page Headers ( Pro Plan )
  • Mega Menu ( Pro Plan )
  • Colors & Typography  ( Pro Plan )
  • Dedicated Sidebar
  • Woocommerce Compatible


Performance and Testing 


While Using Astra Theme, I have Tested and Ran many SEO Tests and Page Load timings. I was Surprised by seeing the results.

I have tested my Own Website Seodumb with Google Page Speed Insights.

SEO Tests on WordPress Themes | WordPress SEO


In case if you don’t know what is Google Pagespeed Insights, It is a Free Tool by Google which helps you in Testing Website Load Timings and SEO Overview.

The Tool gives you suggestions like Rendering Javascript, Compressing Images and Reducing Server Response Time if the Score is Low. It is a Useful Tool Provided by Google.

As you can see in the Picture above, My Website Score in 95% which is quite Impressive for me. The main thing which most of the people who run blogs or websites don’t understand that there is huge relation between good Web hosting Provider and your WordPress Theme.

Choosing Good WordPress Hosting and Light Weight WordPress Themes are key to faster page load timings which is directly an SEO Factor.

Seodumb is Hosted on Siteground Web Hosting which is Officially Recommended by and is Built on Astra WordPress Theme.


I also ran another Test with Different Testing Website called GTMetrix. GTMetrix is very Popular Website for Checking Website Speed and Other Factors. Here’s what I got.

Astra GTMetrix Scores | Astra Performance


You can see clearly the results in the Image above. Page Speed Score is 85% and YSlow Score which are mostly Server Based Scores.

The Average Time the Blog loads is 5.1 seconds which is perfectly fine. Page load timings which are above 7 seconds is an issue from SEO Point of view. So make sure you Optimize well your Blog.

Wordpress Themes Review | Best WordPress Themes


Here’s the Full GTMetrix Report of Seodumb Blog.

The Report Shows you all these Technical Terms like

  • Levrage Browsing Caching
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML
  • Avoid Bad Requests
  • Specify Image Dimensions
  • Specify Cache Validator

and the List goes on. The Technical Guy with Web Development Skills can Fix it but what about Non-Technical People? Well Just make sure you use Good WordPress Hosting and Light Weight WordPress Theme and the rest will be perfect.

Siteground and kinsta are both my Favourite WordPress Hosting Providers. You should Try it out these providers if you are serious about Blogging.


Astra WordPress Theme Review


Review is Completely Unbiased and The things which I am mentioning are based on the personal usage and Experience.

  1. Astra WordPress Theme Layout and Design

The First thing which I want to Highlight about Astra Theme is the Premium Look and the Professional Feel. I was really Surprised that the Theme Package size is very small but Gives more Elegant and Professional Look.

Normally WordPress Themes which have more Elegant and Tight Feel are very large in Size which results in Performance Issues. This is Really a Positive Point I would like to Highlight.

Layout and Design Option is very Flexible, You can Easily Set up Sidebar Widths , Blog Content Section Sizes and Lot more. Personally I wanted more Footer Widgets and Guess what, You get total 8 Footer Widgets. You can decorate the Footer more Efficiently.



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