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Optimizing the Website plays a crucial role in getting high rankings in Google, In WordPress you have a lot of Plugins which can Fix all those SEO Stuff, You need not be a Tech Guru or Geek to Perform all such actions.

I knew the Knowledge of Digital Marketing which also Includes SEO, But I was unable to Practically Perform the SEO Actions.

If you only have knowledge about these things then it’s just waste of your knowledge until unless you don’t know the Application of it.

So without wasting time I will share in Detail Top SEO Plugins which helps you Optimize your WordPress Site, These all Plugins are Free of Cost, There are Paid Plugins also But you can get your work done using Free Plugins.


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1. Yoast SEO



This is my Top Recommended Plugin, Yoast SEO is the Foundation for your WordPress Site in Optimizing Complete ON Page SEO.

This Plugin Helps you Generate XML Sitemaps for your WordPress Site, You can Verify your WordPress Site with Google Webmasters tool by Pasting Code in Yoast SEO Dashboard.

I use this Plugin on all of my Sites.


Yoast SEO Helps you in Writing your Blog Posts by Improving Readability of the Post or Page, I feel it’s Crucial because the Reader should be engaged and connected to your Post.

You have Options Below the Post Like, Meta Description, Title Tag, Focus Keyword.

You can Optimize and Change the Meta Description, Title Tag and Insert your Target Keywords Right below your WordPress Posts, It’s very easy and not Complicated.



Quick Features of Yoast SEO :

  • Create XML Sitemaps
  • Verify Your Site on Search Engines
  • Edit Meta descriptions
  • Change Title Tags
  • Target Keywords
  • Detects Duplicate Content
  • Improves Overall On-page SEO


This Plugins Comes with Both Free and Paid, The paid Ones have Multiple Features like Focusing Multiple Keywords and Few other.

But I would Recommend the Free Plugin if your Site is new. You can Upgrade when your Site needs More Optimization. Free Version does all Major Functions which are Very Crucial.



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2. WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is very Popular Caching Plugin which helps your Site to Clear the Cache.

Fast Website Loading is a very crucial Factor for SEO, Practically no one Likes Slow Loading Website.

WP Super Cache helps you solve that Issue by Improving your Speed of Website.



If you are Using a Lot of WordPress Plugins and your Site is Hosted on Shared Server then chances are your website is going to Slow down and in worse case your website server gets Crashed, Clear Cache to Solve these kind of Technical Issues.



Install the Plugin from the WordPress Directory and Activate it.


After Installation Just go the Plugin Settings and Enable Caching Option, You are Done.




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3. Broken Link Checker


Broken Link Checker Helps you fix all the Broken Links which are Present on your Site, Mainly Broken Links are Found when your Site Data gets Lost and When you don’t have the Link Active.


This issue Impacts a lot of Negative Approach in terms of Search Engine, Google Doesn’t want to Rank the Pages which are Broken and Unhealthy.


By using this Plugin you can not only Fix the Broken Links but you can also check the Link Health.


All you need to do is Install the Plugin and it Automatically Detects the Broken Links.



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4. AMP For WordPress


This Plugin is Heaven for your WordPress Site, If you are not using this Plugin then for Sure you are Not Optimizing your Site Fully.

The Future of SEO is Mobile and if your Site is not Optimized for the Mobile Version then for sure you are not going to Rank. 80% of the Population Consume the Information from Mobile.



AMP For WordPress Helps you Optimize your Entire Site for Mobile and Tablet View.

This Plugin can do 2 Major Functions Like Speeding up your Website and Optimizing the Site which is Like Bonus.


Google AMP speeds up the mobile version of your site by offering lightweight versions of your pages hosted on Google’s servers



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5.  Smush Image Compression and Optimization


This Plugin is Completely Free, Smush Image Compression Plugin Compresses the Image which are stored in WordPress Dashboard and Reduces the File Size of the Image.

This Helps in your Overall SEO, Large Size Images Takes quite a long time to load which impacts in Negative SEO and your WordPress Site Takes time to load which a Crucial SEO Factor.

If you have a Poor Web Host which is Creating Troubles for you in Website Loading issues then Use this Plugin to Compress the Images, You should also use AMP For WordPress, WP Super Cache and Wordfence security Plugin which are Completely free of Cost which helps you in the Long Run.

The Plugin uses WPMU DEV’S Servers to Compress the Image File, It removes Unnecessary Data of the Image and saves your WordPress Data also which is good.


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SEO Squirrly is Designed for Non-Technical Folks, The Plugin is Great but I would Rank Yoast SEO #1.

When it comes to Non-Technical People then it’s good for those. The Plugin helps you Create XML Sitemaps which is Crucial Factor for SEO.

It helps you create SEO content that is friendly for human readers. It provides you with email alerts when there is something that you can Optimize on your WordPress site.

This Plugin Helps you write High Quality Content which is a Major Content Marketing Mantra.


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7. All in One Snippets


This Plugin will help you a lot if you have a Review Site. This Plugin Provides the Specific Information to the Search Engine to show in the Snippets of the Search Engine.

It helps you rank Higher in Google and Various other Search Engines.

Improves the CTR ( Click Through Rate )



Following types of Schema’s Supported :

  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Software Application
  • Video
  •  Articles
  • Review



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