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WordPress Powers 29% of the Internet. WordPress is not only used as a Blogging Platform but it can be also your Startup Tool. Earlier there were no such good resources for wordpress like Plugins and Themes which could take the site to the Next Level, But now there are a lot of resources by which you can not only make a Professional Blog but you can start your Entrepreneurship Journey.


Today I will be Sharing the List of Brands and Organizations which are Using WordPress as their Website Platform or CMS.

I was Surprised to see some of the Brands which are using WordPress, Earlier I used to Think WordPress is Just a Normal Platform and we cannot make it big with WordPress.

So without wasting Time I will show according to the Categories.




1. Educational Organizations




1.  Georgia State University 


Georgia State University is a public research university in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Founded in 1913.

It is a Reputed University and their Website is Powered By WordPress.

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2. Lafayette College


It is a Private arts College which is Located in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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3. Des Moines University


Den Moines University is the Second Oldest Osteopathic Medical School in US.

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4. Wheaton College 


Wheaton College is Located in Norton, MA. It is Liberal Arts College which Provided Wide Variety of Programs.

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5. University of Washington 


University of Washington is Very Reputed Research University in the World.

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6. Smithsonian National Museum of African Art


The National Museum of African Art (NMAfA) began as a private educational institution in 1964 to promote cross-cultural understanding in the social sciences and arts.


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7. Skill Crush 


I have Liked this Website a Lot as they Provide a Lot of Value by the Courses they are Providing, Skill Crush gives access to Online Courses for Web Development, Coding and Freelance Web Development.


List of Courses they are Providing :

  • Front End Developer
  • Visual Designer
  • Freelance Business Building
  • Freelance WordPress Development


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