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How to Create Adsense Ad Unit

Adsense is a very popular Monetization Program by Google which helps publishers or Content Creators like us to make Money Online on the Internet.

Using Adsense you can place ads on Website/Blog and make money Online.

Using Adsense you can also make Money on Youtube which most of the Youtube Creators are earning today.

There are Bloggers and Big Brands which make roughly around $1000- $10000 per month using Adsense alone. I will share about Adsense in a Separate Post.

In this Post, You will learn How to Create an Ad Unit in Adsense and start making money Online.

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How to Create Adsense Ad Unit 



2 thoughts on “How to Create Adsense Ad Unit”

  1. can you give a detailed procedure regarding adsense. I want to apply adsense on a blog of mine which is almost a year old but wasn’t active.
    Thanks in advance.

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