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5 Free SEO Audit Tools


SEO Audit is the initial step to launch a SEO Campaign.

SEO Audit helps you analyze errors, performance issues, broken links and much more SEO Recommendations.

This helps you gather rata to improve SEO.

In this Article, I have listed 5 Free SEO Audit tools which can help you run SEO Audits for free.

You need to worry to invest in paid SEO Tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, they are worth it, no doubt.

But at the initial stages it’s not needed.

Let’s get started.

SEO Tools



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5 Free SEO Audit Tools



1. SEOMator 

Seomator SEO Tool
SEO Audit

SEOMator is a Free SEO Audit tool which helps you audit your website.

Though it’s not completely free. They have paid plans as well, but with the free version you get most of it.

There is free plan forever where you just have to enter your domain and the results are displayed instantly.

Talking about paid plans, here are as follows

  • Pay as you go – $5
  • Small Businesses – $19/mo
  • Professional – $49/mo
  • Unlimited Plan – $299/mo

I will create a separate Blog post on SEOmator which includes details of plans, features and other details.



2. SEOptimer

Free SEO Tools

SEO Optimer is also a great free SEO Tool which has both free and paid versions.

I use it pretty often for my Niche Websites and Blogs.

The tool gives you good recommendations and issues which can be fixed.

SEO Optimer gives you crucial insights such as:

  • Performance Issues
  • Social Media issues
  • On-page SEO Insights
  • Security Score

Overall it rates the website on how well each section is determined.

Overall the tool is great.


3. Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel SEO
SEO Analyzer

When is comes to SEO and Digital Marketing, Neil patel’s name is on the list.

Yes, the tool is offered by Neil patel for free which is offered on his own Website.

I have used it quite often to check my SEO Score.

The Tool is completely free and has no paid plans. You can check and perform SEO Audits as many times as you can.

The tool is named as Neil Patel SEO Analyzer.


4. Sitechecker


Sitechecker SEO Tool - Seodumb
Sitechecker Free


With Sitepro you can Get SEO Reports instantly.

The tool is not completely free, they have paid plans as well for in-depth Audit.

Again with free ones you can get most results which are necessary and crucial.

Sitepro Features

  • On Page SEO

On-page SEO Audit is available for the free version where you can get 100 reports per month.

On page SEO includes the overall core SEO in the SEO World.


5. Zadro Web


Zardoweb SEO Audit - Seodumb



At the last, Zadro web is the last SEO Audit tool which I want to finish.

Zadro web is not just a SEO Audit Tool, they are full fledged Digital Agency which offer Services such as:

  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Paid Marketing
  • Email
  • Web Dev
  • Content Marketing

Free SEO Audit with Zadroweb gives you core insights such as

  1. Page Authority Score
  2. Domain Authority Score
  3. Load Time
  4. Page Speed

and many more details where you can see how the website is performing and the steps to improve SEO.

Blog Post Written: 21/02/2019

Last Updated: 16/04/2019

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