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How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is an Analytics Tool by Google, It is Installed on Websites and Applications for Better Tracking of Users and their Behaviour.

Installing Google Analytics on a Websites or Applications Require some sort of Technical Skill which requires adding Javascript on Header of code and it becomes confusing for Non-Technical People.

Installing Analytics on WordPress is very easy and simple as we have Plugins on WordPress which does the Magic.

If you do not have Google Analytics Installed on your WordPress Blog then you are missing a lot of Opportunities, As a Blogger you need all these things set up and working.

The Best part is Google Analytics is Completely Free just like other Google Products.


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Installation of  Google Analytics on WordPress



First Create a Google Analytics Account, It is completely Free.

After Completing Setup, You need to fill all the required details like name, Website URL, Email, Website Category, Time Zone. Simple and easy signup.


How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress



Fill all the Details, Make sure you mark all these fields a tick mark Because you will receive informative Google analytics information.

After Completion, Click on Get Tracking ID.


Install Google Analytics Worpress



You will enter Google Analytics Dashboard, Now you don’t have to do anything in Google Analytics Dashboard.

Just move ahead on your WordPress Dashboard and Install WordPress Plugin Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights.

Install it and Activate the Plugin.

Monster insights have both Free and Paid Versions, However, I only recommend the Free Version of it, You can buy the Premium Version if you run some serious Online Business.

Free Analytics Tools For WordPress




After the Installation, Enter Monster Insights Plugin Dashboard and Click on Authenticate with your Google Account.

Monster insights will sync Data from your Google Account and you will need to give them permission to access.

Moster Insights will automatically Add Javascript or Tracking Code and Configures your WordPress Blog.

Install WordPress on Google Analytics



You will get a Google Code, You need to copy it and paste it.

Click Next and your Google Analytics Setup are finished.


Google Analytics Easy Tutorial | How to Install Google Analytics on your WordPress Blog


After Installation, You can Track How many Visitors are visiting your Blog/Website. You can see some interesting Analytics on your Blog after Installing Google Analytics on WordPress.


Install Monster Insights Google Analytics


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