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How to Install WordPress Plugin :


Installing WordPress Plugin is very easy, It’s Like Installing Google Chrome in Windows.

All you need to do is Download the Plugin and Upload it.

I will explain in detail, How you can Install WordPress Plugin ?


There are 3 Ways for Installing a WordPress Plugin :

  • Installing it Directly
  • Installing Manually
  • Installing with FTP Client


So in this Post I am Sharing how to Install WordPress Plugin Directly ( Automatic ).


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   Step 1

  • Go to the Section “Plugins” in WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on ” Add New “
  • After this you get into Directory of WordPress Plugins
  • You can Search the Plugin you Want to Install.


Step 2 :

  • Install any Plugin you want to Install from the Directory.
  • I am Installing Contact Form 7 which Builds Contact Forms for your Site.
  • Click on the “Install Now” Button


Step 3 :

  • Click on the Button ” Activate “.
  • Your Plugin is Installed Now, All you need to Do is to Setup and Configure the Plugin you have Installed.



Step 4 :


  • For Configuring the Plugin you can Directly Check where the Plugin is Installed.
  • Sometimes the Plugin will be in the Settings Bar or You can Find it Separate.


Step 5 :

  • This is the Process for Installing WordPress Plugin Directly from the Directory.




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