How To Make Money from a Blog | Step by Step Guide 2018

How to Make Money from a Blog

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Hey, I wanted to share my Best Proven Ways to Make Money Online from a Blog.

You can make Real good money with a Blog, If kept patience with Consistency.

I started my First Blog in 2012 and it was a Health Blog, Though I didn’t write it on my Own, But I learned many things about blogging.

Before Planning to make Money from the Blog, I will suggest you that plan the Content ahead of starting a Blog. It can save a lot of time and can fast-forward the game of making money.

Making money from a Blog is not a Rocket Science, It is very simple if understood well.

I will suggest you Don’t waste Time on those Facebook Groups where People share Fake kind of Information.

How to Start a Self Hosted Professional Blog on WordPress 

How to Make Money from a Blog


If I explain in a simple manner, A blog is also a Website. It is Stored in a Database and IP of World Wide Web.

Similarly, A Website makes Money by Selling Products, Offering Services, Running Advertisements and Promoting Products.

So a Blog makes Money mainly in these 4 Areas:

  • Promoting Other People’s Products ( Affiliate Marketing ( Shareasale, Commision Junction, Maxbounty )
  • Running Advertisements ( Google Adsense,, Taboola etc )
  • Selling Own Products  ( Merchandise, Digital Goods and Books )
  • Selling Services ( Offering Digital Marketing Services, Web Development Services, Training and Coaching Services and many )

I will explain each of those separately.

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Promoting Products and Services

1. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is the Best and Evergreen Method to Make Money from a Blog. Many Top Bloggers and Influencers make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Among all Affiliate Marketing gives to High Income and Returns.

The Method is simple. You signup for an Affiliate Network, Search Products and Promote it on your Blog for a commision.

Let’s say a Product you sell is of $200 and the Product owner or Merchant is giving to %20 of commission. You get $40/ sale.

Affiliate Marketing is a Very Huge and In-depth Feild on the Internet. It takes a lot of time to learn and Understand the Industry.

There will be all kinds of Products in an Affiliate Network ranging from Technology products, Health Products. Fashion Products and many.

Now Job of you as a Blogger is to decide a Niche and start writing.

You can easily make $1000 – $10000 every single month after putting efforts on your Blog. You cannot Expect money instantly. You need to work hard.

Popular Affiliate Networks and Market Places:

  • Shareasale
  • Commision Junction
  • Impact Radius
  • Clickbank
  • Max Bounty

Affiliate Marketing Detailed Blog Post 

2. Influencer Marketing


This is similar to Affiliate Marketing but you will not earn money on every sale made.

Influencer Marketing is basically doing sponsorships or Brand Endorsements for Products.

If you are very Popular in your Niche then Brands will Approach you and will pay you One time Fee or Recurring Fee. It Depends.

Influencer Marketing can be done in a way of a Video, Instagram Post, Tweet or a Blog Post.

The Catch is you need to be very Popular and have Targeted Traffic.


Running Advertisements 


1. Google Adsense 


Google Adsense is very Popular Advertisement Program where Advertisers Advertise their Products and Publishers Place the Ads on there Websites and Blogs.

The Ads you see on this Blog is Google Adsense’s Ads.

The Concept is simple, Google Adsense Pays you money if a Visitor on your Ad and on Number of Impressions and Views on an Ad.

For 1000 Valid Impressions you will get $1. For the Click, the Rate Varies from Country to Country and according to Niche of the Blog.

The rate of Adsense Ads is high if your Blog Audience is from USA, UK and European Countries. In Asia Region the Rates are very Low. If you are not Understanding the Concept, You can read about Adsense on my Blog separately.

You need to Signup for Google Adsense’s Program, They will check your Website and Blog Content and Will approve your Application in 3-7 Business Days.


2. Native Ads


Native Ads works Best if your Traffic is in Millions. It is the best Ad Monetization for Blogs and Websites, The Adblockers won’t block native ads and your Income will be Steady.

Taboola and Outbrain are very Popular Native Ads Network.

The Drawback of Native Ads is you need to have a good amount of Traffic to Apply. If you have a New Blog with low traffic then it’s waste of time.

Native Ads also pay you $1 per 1000 Ad Impressions which is a good deal. Let’s say you have daily Traffic of 25000 Visitors which can roughly make 40000+ Page-views a day. The Ad Impression count will be around 20000-30000 Ad Impressions. You will be making around $20 – $50 a day which is good at starting out.

If you have a Blog on Multiple Topics such as News Blog, Multi-Niche Entertainment Blog then Native Ads is a very Good Option.

If you have a Blog on a single Topic like my Blog then Native ads is not a good option. In my case, I don’t want my Audience to show ads all the Time. My focus is to educate the Audience without affecting User Experience.


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Selling Own Products and Merchandise on Blog


You can Sell your Own Products on your Blog, If you are a Fashion Blogger teaching and sharing knowledge around fashion tips, Grooming Tips and Beauty Tips then you launch your Own Merchandise and sell on your Blog.

There are a lot of Tools today in the market to sell online.

You can sell on Shopify or you can use WordPress Platform to sell.

You can also write your Own Book or Courses and Sell.

Now or Later you will need to create your Own Product to survive in the Blogging and Online Marketing Industry.

You can Create:

  • Tech Product ( Tech Bloggers )
  • Own Supplement or Drinks ( Fitness Bloggers )
  • Merchandise ( Fashion Bloggers )
  • E-books or Info Products

This Monetization Method is a Startup for you. You need a Lot Brainstorming and Execution. You also need a good amount of Money for Building and Marketing the Product.


Selling Services on Blog 


1. Tech Services 

If you run a Technology Blog and you have expertise in Web Development, App Development or any other Tech Area, You have a very high Potential to make money Online.

Technology is growing and will never stop, Job of your is to Learn and Implement new Technologies and offer them as a Service.

Create a Separate Page on your Blog as Services and List all kinds of Services you can offer.

You can Place your Pricing Publicly or can Attach Contact form for Private Consulting.


2. Digital Marketing Services 

Digital Marketing is booming today and for the Next 10 years, Digital Marketing is going to generate a lot of Jobs in the Market.

personally, I provide Digital Marketing and Blog Consulting Services on my Blog and it is giving me Recurring Income Online.

If you are good at SEO offer SEO Services, If you good at Branding offer Branding Consulting similarly expand your Domain Knowledge.


3. Photography and Video Editing


If you are a Professional Photographer and Run a Photography Blog, You have a lot of Opportunities.

You can Sell your Own Photos, Offer Servies lot more.

If you use WordPress as your Blogging Platform, It is very easy to create E-commerce section and Integrate Payment Gateways.

You can use Easy Digital Downloads or Woocommerce, Though it’s not free Investing in these Plugins can bring you a lot of Opportunities to Make Money from the Blog.

There is a Lot of Demand for Video Editors, Growth of Youtube and Youtube Creators is increasing Significantly. If you are good at Video Editing or Creating Videos you can make a hell lot of Money with a Blog.


Final Breakdown on Making Money from Blog


As I always say your Blog is not Just a Blog, It’s a Startup and Entrepreneurial Project. You need to think about your Blog as a Startup and Create Business Plan.

You cannot just Write Articles and Expect Money Online. Just be Practical and Invest more on your Blog.

Not all these Methods will Work for You, You may Achieve your Success in those one or two Methods but never stop learning and trying.

Online Industry is full of Distractions, You need to be focused and do the Things which will work for you.

For Some People Adsense may work, For some Affiliate Marketing works and For some both of these Monetization Methods don’t work.

So you need to Analyze according to your Personality and Skillset.

Let’s End this. If you Liked this Blog Post then Share it with your Fellow Buddies and Subscribe to my Blog to Recieve Exclusive Content.

“Always Remember Your Blog is your Startup”

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