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How to Start a Professional Fashion Blog | Beginners Blueprint

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Are you interested in Starting a Fashion Blog? But Doesn’t know What are the Things required to Start Fashion Blog?

You might want to Earn Money from Blog, Grow your Authority or Personal Interest. Whatever it is this Post will help you in Starting Out.

This Guide will Clear your Head and will help you Correctly in Starting a Professional Fashion Blog.

Plus I will share Extra Bonus Tips and Strategies on How to Actually Blog and Create Content so it’s not Just a Technical Guide on Setting up Fashion Blog.

You need 3 Crucial Tools and Resources to Start a Professional Fashion Blog.

  • Domain Name (.com, .in, .net, .org )
  • Blogging Software 
  • Professional Theme

Web Hosting


How to Start a Professional Fashion Blog

In this Section I will Cover the Technical Aspects of Setting up a Professional Blog like Domain,Web Hosing and WordPress Setup.


1. Domain Name | Step 1 

How to Start a Professional Blog | Step by Guide 2018


The First and most crucial thing you need is Domain Name.

Having a Domain is a must to Monetize Blog.

You can Purchase Domain from Godaddy or Namecheap.


2. Blogging Software | Step 2 



Choosing Right Blogging Tool is Essential. There are many Free Blogging Platforms out there but Choosing the best according to the Requirement is the key.

I only Suggest my Readers Self Hosted WordPress ( ). Do you know that WordPress Powers 31% of the Internet, Which means most of the Websites which are content Based are on WordPress.

Mostly your Requirements would be

  • Making Money from the Fashion Blog
  • Making it more Professionally Appealing
  • Ranking Content on Top of Google
  • Customizing

If all of these are the prime motives then WordPress is the Only Choice. The Best Part is that WordPress is Open Source Blogging Platform.

To start with you need Web Hosting to store all your Blog Data which includes Text Content, Images and Video. Now the Important Step is to Choose Right Web Hosting.


3. Web Hosting for the Blog | Step 3 


Choosing the Right Web Hosting is very Important. Quality Web Hosting Service is the Only Factor which helps you in Blogging.

There are many Cheap Web Hosting Solutions but Trust me going with them will be a Terrible Choice.

You need Web Hosting which is Compatible with WordPress Software.

I recommend my Readers Siteground Web Hosting which is very Good and Reliable.

Siteground Web Hosting Black Friday Discount 2018 | Exclusive | Web Hosting Black Friday Deals

Seodumb is Currently Hosted on Siteground. The Performance and Speed of the Blog is amazing.

Initial Pricing of Siteground Starts at $2.95/mo. Siteground is Officially Recommended by so it’s the Ultimate Choice for Beginner Sites Based on WordPress.

Also Read: Top 10 Negative Effects of Choosing Wrong WordPress Hosting


4. How to Install Self Hosted WordPress | Step 4


You have Bought Domain and Web Hosting but Stuck in Installing WordPress. Trust me it’s Terrible Situation for Beginners.

I have covered many Tutorials on Installing WordPress on Various Web Hosting Platforms.

In this Post I have Specifically Chosen Siteground and will Show you How you can Install Self Hosted WordPress on Siteground.

Watch the Video


After Completing all the Setup you will Enter WordPress Dashboard and it Looks Like this.

Fashion Blogs | Fashion Blogging | Start a Fashion Blog


If you are New to WordPress you can learn on my Blog for Free. I have Created Beginners Guide on WordPress where you can know How to use WordPress and Performance Tips.

For Now After Installing WordPress you can Start Publishing Content. In the WordPress Dashboard, Click on “Posts” Section and Select “Add New Post”. You will enter into the Writing Platform where you can Write Content and Upload Images and Videos related to Fashion Niche.


Bonus Tips and Strategies for Running a Fashion Blog


This is Very much Important. You have created and launched a Brand New Fashion Blog but don’t have an Idea of what to Put, Then it’s waste of Time to do Blogging.


1. Create Visual Content

When I say Visual Content, It’s Photos and Videos. In Fashion Niche it’s very much important to Create Visual Content. You have Put yourself on the Camera.


View this post on Instagram


Giving autumn the evils. I see you.

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Strategies for Content Creation

  • Create Image Content on Instagram ( Photo Shoots, Showcasing Products and Apparels )
  • Create Video Content on Instagram ( DIY Guides, Fashion Tips and Product Selection )
  • Put your Image on the Platforms
  • On the Website Mix up with Text Content and Visual Content

There is a Lot of Competition in the Fashion Niche but trust me there are very Few Fashion Blogs and Fashion Youtubers who are putting good content, Remaining others just Suck. No Interesting Content.


Blog Post Written: 08/11/2018

Last Updated: 16/04/2019

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