How to Update WordPress | Importance of Updating |

It is very Important to Update WordPress, It Fixes Bugs and new features are Released when new WordPress Version is updated.

In this Post I will show you How you can Update WordPress in no Time. Many of the Beginners Have asked me to show how to Update WordPress.


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How to Update WordPress :

  • The First thing you need to do is Visit WordPress Dashboard of your WordPress Website.
  • Go to the Section Dashboard in WordPress and Click on Updates.


  • If the Update has arrived you can see there, If not click on the Button Check Again.
  • In this case I am Installing the Same WordPress Version just for showing the Audience how you can Update WordPress.
  • Click on the button Re-Install Now.
  • Your WordPress Version will Install and Update.


  • As you can see Below the WordPress Update is getting Installed
  • This the Method you can Update your WordPress very easily.










Importance of Updating WordPress :

  • Improves Security of WordPress
  • Fixes Bugs which again crucial when it comes to Security
  • New Features Released.
  • Improves your Overall Experience with WordPress
  • Runs Smoothly without any Errors.

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