Hotjar Analytics and Heatmaps Tool

How to Install and Setup Hotjar on your WordPress Site

What is Hotjar ? 


Hotjar is an Analytics and Heat map Tool for Websites and Applications, Hotjar is very useful for your WordPress site. It Records Visitors Behavior on the site. Using Hotjar on your WordPress site you can easily find out where your audience is Clicking, where they are mostly navigating and a lot more.


Hotjar Analytics and Heatmaps Tool


Using Hotjar your Opportunities are more in Monetizing the site very Efficiently. I scaled my Revenue from $1000 a month to $6000 just by analyzing the Heat maps and Recordings of Visitors.


Hotjar is very similar to google Analytics but Hotjar Offers Heat maps and Recordings of Visitors which is very Crucial in any Online Business. I highly Recommend Hotjar, You can Use their Free Plan and Try it. I will write my Detailed experience with Hotjar and Features very soon, Till then I will show you How to Install Hotjar Analytics on your WordPress Site.


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How to Install Hotjar on WordPress Site 


Before starting, There are 2 Methods to Install Hotjar. One is using WordPress Plugin and the Second one is using Google Tag Manager. I will Show you Both the Methods.

I recommend the First Method of Installation using WordPress Plugin because it’s very easy and convenient. The Second Method using Google Tag Manager is Quite a bit Confusing.



Hotjar Installation Using WordPress Plugin : 





Install Hotjar on WordPress



  • Copy the JavaScript Tracking Code from Hotjar Dashboard and Paste it in the Scripting Plugin.


Hotjar Installation Guide on WordPress



  •  Paste the Code in the WordPress Plugin Installed and Save it. The Hotjar Installation is Finished. This is How you Install Hotjar on WordPress.


Hotjar Installation Guide



  • Go back to Hotjar Dashboard and Verify the Installation to Complete the Final Step of Hotjar Installation, You are Done and Hotjar is Installed on WordPress. You can Create Funnels, Recordings in Hotjar Dashboard to see How your Audience is Using your Site.Install Hotjar on WordPress





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