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Kinsta WordPress Hosting : Is it Worth Investing ? Review


Kinsta Specialises in Core Managed WordPress Hosting because they have the Best Technical Infrastructure as of now for Hosting WordPress Websites.

Kinsta is in the Hosting Business for the Last 10 years and is committed to Provide High Value Managed WordPress Hosting at decent Price.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers 

Most Importantly Kinsta is Officially Recommended by Google for Hosting WordPress Sites in managed WordPress Section.



Kinsta WordPress Hosting Features 


Kinsta is Powered and Built on the Best Technology Stacks Focusing more on Security and Performance, I will make it point to point to make it Clear about Technologies used by Kinsta.



1. Built on Latest Technology Stack and Infrastructure 


Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review | Kinsta Features | Kinsta Black Friday Deal | Kinsta Review | Kinsta Coupons | WordPress Hosting



Kinsta is Powered by Google Cloud Platform and spread across 17 Data Centres so that you have the flexibility to Host according to the Region.

Kinsta uses PHP 7, Maria DB, NGNIX and LXD Containers which Loads your Website Blazing Fast.

If you are Confused about the Technical Terms, Let me give you an Overview

  • PHP is a Server Scripting Language designed for Web Development
  • MariaDB is a Server which is very Popular Database Server
  • Nginx is a web server which is used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache. ( Similar to Apache Server ) ( Both Maria DB + NGNIX Makes Kinsta Faster )
  • LXD Containers is similar to Virtual Machines using Linux Containers

Read and Research In-depth – PHP, MARIA DB, NGNIX, LXD Containers 




Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pricing 



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