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Income Reports of Seodumb | 2017 Reports |

Hey Everyone, Wanted to share my Reports to Inspire and motivate you to start Blogging.

I started Blogging and Building Websites in 2012, Though I didn’t make any money for 2 years. I started making money when I did Genuine Blogging and Online Consulting.

I started this Blog Seodumb in 2016 and again for a year, I didn’t make any Single Penny.

I started making First Official Dollar from Seodumb in Mid 2017 so it took very Long.

I wanted to Share my Annual Reports.

Annual Reports of 2018 will be Published in 2019. So stay Tuned.

These are Online Earning of whole 2017.


Google Adsense:


$2000- for the Whole Year.


Affiliate Marketing

Total- $15,000

Shareasale– $7500

Commision Junction- $ 2000

Impact Radius – $ 300

Amazon Affiliates- $1000

Direct Affiliates- $4000

Other – $ 200

Toral – $15,000




Professional Blog Consulting – $500

Digital Marketing Consulting – $300

Total- $800


Total Annual Earnings- $15000 + 800 + 2000 = $18000


I know it is very Less, People make Twice that amount a month from Blogging and Affiliate Marketing but for me it’s a great start.

I will try my best to provide great content on Blogging and Affiliate Marketing and Help each and every one to start Blogging.


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