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Siteground Webhosting Introduction :


Siteground is Webhosting Company Founded in 2004 by University Friends. The Siteground Headquaters are Located in Bulgaria ( Europe ). Siteground Provides Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Siteground is the Leading Webhost in the Hosting Industries.

Siteground Webhosting

I have Used Siteground and Still Using it For my Websites, I am Huge Fan of their Service and the Support They Provide.

So without Wasting the time, Let me Share my Honest Opinion and Review on Siteground WebHosting.


Who Should Use Siteground ?


Well Most of My Audience are Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and Newbie Audience who wants to Learn Professional Blogging.

In my Opinion Siteground is the Perfect Webhost for Newbies who are Just Starting to Build their New Website and are Planning to Monetize it, I don’t want you all to Waste Money on Expensive Hosts at the Initial Stages.

Bottom Line : It Should Not Cost you More than $ 60 Per Year, “For Beginners”


When I say $60 Per Year, Don’t Purchase Cheap Web Hosting Plans which can cost you less than $ 25 a year, It’s just waste of money. You will end up in a lot of Troubles, More often you will be facing WordPress Issues like Uploading, Adding Plugins and so on.


Coming to Point, From my Perspective I would Highly Recommend Siteground for : 

  • Newbies or Dummies who Doesn’t know anything about Web Hosts and Blogging.
  • Students who just want to Learn Blogging.
  • Newbie Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers ( For Promoting Products )
  • Part Time Bloggers


Siteground Web Hosting Plans and Features Explained :


Siteground Offers 3 Plans and Each Plan has Different Features, I will Explain it in Detail.


Siteground Webhosting



So Coming to First Plan Type which is Startup Plan, Everything is in the Name.


  1. Startup Plan : 

This Plan is Perfect for Beginners where they can Launch a Brand New WordPress Site Affordably.


Quick Features : 

  • One Website – It means you can Only Install One Domain at the Hosting Server, You cannot Host Multiple Domains Under same Server.
  • 10 GB Web Space – The Space offered is 10 GB Where you can Store Media Files and Web Data under 10 GB.
  • 10,000 Visits Monthly – The Server Can Handle 10,000 visitors Smoothly, More Traffic can cause Issues but very Rarely.
  • Free SSL – You Get Free SSL Certificate which is a Must.
  • Cloudflare CDN – Additional Security Layer to the Website and Caching Solution which will Load your Website Faster.
  • Free Daily Backups  – Backup is a Must and Highly Recommended because you never Know what happens. Most Hosting Companies Charge for Backups, So it is Definately a Winner.
  • Free WordPress Transfer – Transfer WordPress Website For Free.


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