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Start a Professional Blog

I request you to start a Professional Blog which will give you passive income and can help you become financially independent.


You are already too late, A lot of people have started their own Professional Blogs and started making really good money.

I started this Blog in 2016 and never looked back, For me making money from Blog took a very long time, To be Precise for more than a year.

Let’s get straight to the point, Starting Hobby Blog and Starting Professional Blog are completely different scenarios.

To start a Hobby Blog you don’t need an investment at all, You can Sing up at, Blogspot, and Tumblr for free.

To start a Professional Blog, Things get a lot different, I will try to make it clear and simpler, So stay focused.


How to start a Professional Blog 



To start a Professional Blog, You need 3 basic resources.

After Purchasing all these, You need to Install Self Hosted WordPress on your Web Hosting Panel, If you are Unable to Install just Contact me or Visit my Free WordPress Blog Setup Page, And I will do it for free.

To make it Specific, I am curating for the people who are in the Budget and people who have decent money.


For the People who are in the Budget 


I am Recommending the Best and Reliable WordPress Hosting, I have personally used it and I can assure you that you will never face any kind of problems. 

The Domain from Godaddy or Namecheap 

Do not Purchase Domains from Web Hosting Providers, Always purchase the domain from Godaddy or Namecheap as it will be easy to change web Hosts and update nameservers.

Conclusion – $ 10 – 15 for Domain

Recommended Web Hosting 

So, The keeping Budget in mind, I would highly recommend you to Siteground to Purchase Web Hosting, Never comprise a good web hosting even if it costs more.


Web Hosting


That’s the biggest mistake newbies make when starting blogging.

With Every Siteground Plan you Purchase, You get Free SSL, Premium CDN From Cloudflare, Advanced Security features and all basic stuff.

Siteground also has 1 Click WordPress Installation which is better for Non- Technical people for installing Wordpress.


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I will recommend you go with Siteground’s grow big plan – $ 5.95/mo plan where you can Install multiple domains.

Conclusion – $ 71 Investment for Web Hosting.


Watch How to Install Self Hosted on Siteground 



Visit Siteground


Recommended WordPress Theme 

Premium WordPress theme is a must because of the Security, But things have changed now, A lot of free WordPress Themes in the market have come which are similar to premium WordPress themes in performance.

In your situation, I would recommend you not to purchase a premium theme at the initial stage, Astra and Generate press are very lightweight and SEO Optimized Themes which are completely free.

I am currently using Astra Theme which is very responsive and have enough Blocks and widgets.

Conclusion: $ 0 Investment on Theme



Final Investment – $15 + $ 71 + $0 = $86 ( INR 6000+ ) 

In that $ 86 USD you can have a good meal, you can buy drinks or do something else and finish it, But Investing it wisely can make you a millionaire, So the Choice is yours.



People who have Decent Budget 


In this case, don’t make any compromises on quality and resources needed, This will only help you achieve results faster.

You need the same things as mentioned above, But some minor changes in Hosting, Themes, and WordPress Plugins.


1. Domain Name 


Register your Desired Domain from Godaddy or Namecheap.

Investment = $10 – $15


2.Wordpress Hosting


Never on Web Hosting if you have good money, Your Web Hosting is going to decide the Performance of your WordPress Blog.

I Highly Recommend you go with Kinsta, Top Notch Managed WordPress Hosting Provider.

Initially go with their Starter plan which will cost you $30/mo, If you purchase annual plan you get 2 months free.

All their Plans include SSL Certificates, CDN, High Secure Network, Hosting on Google Cloud and many other features which will load your Blog blazing fast.

Kinsta’s Dashboard is very user-friendly and can be operated easily, Functions like, Adding Domains, Installing WordPress, Migrating Existing Site/ Blog, Enabling SSL is very easy. I highly recommend kinsta.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing and Plans Guide


If you confused About Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting, Watch Full Review about Kinsta in the below video.



Investment= $300 on Hosting

Visit Kinsta


3. WordPress Theme 


Using Premium WordPress theme has many benefits for your WordPress Blog.

The Major Benefit is that it more SEO Optimized, Built for Faster Page Loads and Security Features which are crucial factors for SEO.

I am recommending a variety of WordPress themes, as every blog needs a different design, Fashion Blogs require a different kind of theme, Business Blog requires a different kind of theme.

For Fashion and Travel Blogs – Elegant Themes, Mythemeshop, and Themes from Envato market are best

For Business Blogs – Genesis Themes Including Framework is perfect.

For Technology Blogs – Mythemeshop, Genesis Framework and, Upthemes

For Personal Blogs- Genesis Framework, Mythemeshop, Generate Press

Investment= $ 60- $ 250 = $ 250


Get Any Theme at $ 19





If you need additional Customization, I recommend go with Elementor Page builder or Thrive Architect.


Few other Paid Tools Recommended 


iThemes Plugin Suite – Includes Backup Plugin, Security Plugins, Design Plugins ( Worth Investing ) = $ 247

Semrush – Complete Digital Marketing Toolkit ( Keyword Research, Link Building, Competetor Research, SEO Optimization Research, Web Site Audit and many more) ( $99/mo ) or you can try 30 days for free.



Total Investment = $15 + $360 + $ 250 + $ 247 = $ 872 


You can easily recover that investment and can make fortunes in your Life.

Happy Blogging Journey.