Verify Wordpress Blog with Google Search Console | Get your Website on Google | Google Webmaster Verification

How to Verify WordPress Website with Google Webmaster Tools | Get Your WordPress Site On Google |

In this post, I will be Showing you How you can Verify Your WordPress Site with Google Webmaster Tools.

Verifying your Website is very Important If you Don’t Verify then Search Engines won’t Crawl your Website and you will never get your Website on the Search Results of Search Engines.

So as you know this post is specifically on Google Webmaster Tools, You will only be knowing how to get on Google Search Results. In other Post, I will Share “How to Verify With Bing Webmaster Tools”.


How to Verify WordPress Site with Google Webmaster Tools :


  • The First thing you need to do is, Install Yoast SEO Plugin from WordPress Directory.
  • You can Verify using Other WordPress Plugins also.
  • You can Verify Using Jetpack, All in one SEO etc
  • I prefer Yoast SEO.

Google Webmaster Tools



  • After Creating Account in Google Search Console you need to add your Website.
  • You get Multiple Methods to Verify.
  • Choose HTML Tag Method, It is very easy and convenient.
Verify Website with Google Webmaster Tools


Verifying Website with Google Webmaster Tools


  • After Pasting Just Save it.
  • Now Go to Google Search Console.

Verify Website with Google Search Console


  • Click on ” Verify “ in Google Search Console Dashboard.
  • After Verifying you can see the Message Successfully Verified your Ownership.

Verify WordPress Site with Google Search Console


This is How you can Verify your Website with Google Search Console. After 2-3 Days you can see your Website on Google.

Google’s Bots and Spiders Crawl your Web Data, You can see all those Analytics in your Google Search Console Dashboard.

To get on Google you need to First Verify your Website with Google Search Console, After that, you Enter into Google Search Results.


Last Updated : 15/08/2018

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