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Why Everyone Should Start a Blog

Whether you do a Job in the Corporate world or you do any kind of random job, You should start a blog and document something which interests you as a person.

I am not sharing here anything about making money from the Blog. I sharing How a Blog can change your perspective about things, If it changed mine then it will change yours too.

If you like about Food, Start a Food Blog, If you like anything about Travel, Start a Travel Blog and Document your Travel Experiences, If you like Technology, Write on latest Technologies, If you like anything just start a Blog and share your voice on the Internet.

You can Start your Own Blog for Free on Popular Blogging Platforms with just Clicks, Visit, which I like the Most.

I started my First Blog in 2011 on Blogspot Platform which was about Health and Nutrition. I used to read a lot about Health and Nutrition and I found it Interesting.

Blogging can change your Personality and improve you as a person.

Many people started Blog as a Hobby and they turned their passion into a full-time career.

Let’s Discuss How Blogging can Change you and Open Doors of Opportunities for you.


How Starting a Blog can Benefit you 


You can improve your English Skills if you are from Non-English Countries. I am from India and truly speaking my English Speaking and Writing skills have really developed. I never studied English or learned Grammar in College I used to hate it but Blogging Constantly changed my English.

At Initial stages of Writing Blog, you will make mistakes but eventually, you will learn and improve your vocabulary.

You can meet a lot of people at Blogging Events which will grow your Network and Open door of Opportunities.

People will know you and appreciate your work, That is something special I like about Blogging.

After Blogging Consistently who knows you may become some author of a Book.

If you ask me what Blogging has given me? I would say a clear Direction for my life. I know what my priorities are and the things I want to do. At least I am not Confused like many others in the World.

Blogging has developed my Additional Skills, After Entering Into Blogging, I learned many Technologies which helped me grow this Blog, I learned How to Save Money, I learned many other skill sets.





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