5 Reasons why Website Speed matters in SEO

Do you know that in Online World, even seconds of delay in website loading can impact billions of sales. For Crucial online business it’s very important to focus on website speed.

In the SEO World, Poor Website loading is considered as very bad SEO Signal, In order of Achieve great SEO Results you need to take care about Website Speed.

In this post I will discuss How Website speed matters and key reasons why website speed matters in SEO.

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Reasons Why Website Speed Matters


1. In Reality Nobody likes Slow Website


It is very true, old days are gone where Internet Penetration and bandwidth was low, even then people used to hate slow websites. I personally hated slow websites which took very long time to load, in some cases there are instances where the website is just loading and not fetching any data.

This directly results on higher bounce rate where users are not satisfied. Taking this signals google has made it official that Fast Website loading speed is directly a SEO Factor.

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Google Enginner Malie Ohye Explains How Website speed and Performance affects SEO and How you can solve the problem.

Why this issue occurs

  • Using Poor Servers which cannot handle Website Load.
  • Not enabling Caching solutions on the Website.
  • Not using CDN to improve speed and bandwidth.
  • Maybe problem with Internet Speed.


2. Users don’t have Time


In this busy world people don’t have time, they are impatient. As webmasters it’s our job to serve the audience with great user experience. Reality is audience wants the solution on the internet ASAP.

Let’s assume users does Google search and search for How to Treat Cold naturally or  Best places to travel in winter and discovers websites on the search results. Let’s say your website is on second position and the competitors website is on last result, When user visits your webpage and it’s loading like hell trust me he or she will probably never visit your Website or even he or she might not even know your Website in future.

If he or she bumps into the competitors website which is on the last result of google and the Experience was great then chances for the website owner are very positive, he might outrank you for the search query.

Bottom line is having Solid Website speed is very important.


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3. Slow Website Affects Engagement resulting in negative SEO


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I will share some facts below which can give you an idea how website speed is crucial.

  • 57% of online consumers abandon a site after waiting 3 seconds for a page to load.
  • 32% of online consumers abandon a site between 1 and 5 seconds.
  • A site that loads in 3 seconds will see 22% fewer page views and a 50% higher bounce rate than a site that loads in 1 second.
  • A site that loads in 5 seconds will see 35% fewer page views and a 105% higher bounce rate.
  • A site that loads in 10 seconds experiences 46% fewer page views and a 135% higher bounce rate.
  • 8 out of 10 people will not return to a “slow” site.
  • 3 out of these 8 people will tell others about their bad experience.

Hope you got a clear perspective, Never compromise on website speed. Web hosting plays is very crucial role. In the process on saving money don’t compromise on website speed. Use Solid Web Host and pay good money where you don’t end up facing bandwidth and performance issues.



4. Poor Loading of Websites can directly affect Conversions and sales


This is the most important and crucial aspect. We build Websites or Webapplications to make money Online, To sustain and make more money online you need fast loading website.

Let’s say you end up buying a product on Amazon and at the checkout page the payment gateway is just loading and loading which is making you scared, Will the payment gets successful or will I loose money? Comment down if you came across this thought.

Especially E-commerce Websites need to focus seriously on Website speed. I will list down some facts which were conducted by Big brands.

  • 1-second delay equals 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.
  • a 2-second slowdown leads to 2% fewer queries and users clicking 3.75% less often.
  • 37-49% (almost half) of site visitors who experience performance issues will abandon a transaction and switch to a competitor site.
  • 77% will share their experience with others.
  • Issues with site performance affect revenue by up to 9%.


5. Present and Future of Internet is Mobile


It’s proven data How Smartphones are disrupting every industry. Smartphones are the next big thing. You will rarely see audience which will be on desktop.

According to my Analytical Research, more than 80% of the World population will only prefer Mobile Device rather than Desktop Version. 20% of the audience will mostly be Corporate Working Professionals or Entrepreneurs. 80% is very huge number. If you are not focusing on mobile version you are leaving money and audience on the table.


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Blog Post Written: 10/01/2019

Last Updated: 16/04/2019

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