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WordPress.com V/S WordPress.org | Which is Right Choice ?

WordPress Powers almost 30% of Websites on the Internet which is a great number. WordPress hasa gained a lot of Popularity over the years. Earlier WordPress was just a Blogging Tool.

Now WordPress has more to Offer and Thanks to all Developers Contributing and Developing some Amazing Plugins and Themes which makes WordPress an Amazing Platform for Running Online Businesses and Professional Blogs.

But Wait ! It’s not the WordPress we are Talking, We are Talking about WordPress.org.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different Platforms.

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WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two very Different Versions of WordPress. If you are in a situation where you are confused in choosing between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, Then you landed onto the Right Page.

I was into same situation where my Entire Focus was more on Monetizing my Blog, WordPress.com was wrong choice for me.

My Requirement was Integrating lot of Third Party Premium Plugins, Premium Themes, Custom Customization and lot of Security Measures, Hence WordPress.org was Perfect for me.

Let’s get into WordPress.com, WordPress.com has a Free plan and three Different Premium Plans. If you Choose Business plan from WordPress.com which costs you $25/mo you are Investing $300 per year which is Completely Useless if you require more Customization and Freedom.

Instead you can Shift your Existing Blog to WordPress.org and Invest your money in Good Managed WordPress Hosting Provider which will cost you the Same.

I recommend WPEngine or Kinsta.


WordPress.com V/S WordPress.org Detailed Comparison



Not an Open SourceOpen Source
Free Plan and 3 Premium PlansCompletely Free
Doesn’t Require Web Hosting ServerRequires Web Hosting Server
Cannot Install  Premium PluginsCan Install Premium Plugins
Cannot Install Premium ThemesCan Install Premium Themes
Cannot Monetize ( Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing)Can Monetize ( Every Ad and Affiliate Networks)
Limited Disk Space / Unlimited Space for Business PlanSpace According to Web Hosting Providers ( Mostly 30-100 GB / Unlimited




Wordpress.com v/s wordpress.org



WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two completely different platforms, As a Beginner you will get confused about these two Platforms.When I started my Blogging Journey, I created a Free Blog on WordPress.com, I didn’t even know about WordPress.org at that time. But Eventually I came to know about WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is Free and Open Source where you have complete Flexibility and Freedom, Whereas WordPress.com is very Limited and has lot of Restrictions.

If you plan to start a Blog and Monetize it with Various Ad networks then This Post is going to be very Helpful in choosing between WordPress.com v/s WordPress.org.

Let’s Discuss Both in Detail.

The Founder of Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org is Matt Mullenweg. WordPress.com is not an Open Source Platform.



WordPress.com Pros 


The Benefit of Opting WordPress.com is you don’t have to Deal with all the Technical Craft , Resources and Errors. Everything is managed by WordPress.com Team.


WordPress.com Cons


A lot of Restrictions

You cannot Install Premium Themes and Plugins

You have no Control on your Blog


If you are a Hobby Blogger and have no Intention of Making Money from the Blog then it’s completely useless to Opt for WordPress.org as it Requires WordPress Installation on Web Hosting Server and Pointing Domain to the Nameservers.

My Suggestion for Hobby Bloggers is Create a Free Blog on WordPress.com and Purchase Domain from Godaddy and Connect to WordPress.com.

You cannot Monetize your WordPress.com Blog with Google Ads as there is no Integration of Plugins. So WordPress.com is a Strict no for People Planning to make Money from their Blog or Website.



WordPress.com Plans


Personal Plan | $ 4/moPremium Plan | $ 8/moBusiness | $25/mo
Custom Domain NameCustom Domain NameCustom Domain Name
Jetpack Essential FeaturesJetpack Essential FeaturesJetpack Essential Features
Email & Live Chat SupportEmail & Live Chat SupportEmail & Live Chat Support
Free ThemesUnlimited Premium ThemesUnlimited Premium Themes
Basic Design CustomizationAdvanced Design CustomizationAdvanced Design Customization
6GB Storage Space13GB Storage SpaceUnlimited Storage Space
Remove WordPress.com AdsRemove WordPress.com AdsRemove WordPress.com Ads
Advanced Social MediaAdvanced Social Media
Simple PaymentsSimple Payments
Site MonetizationSite Monetization
VideoPress SupportVideoPress Support
Get Personalized Help
SEO Tools
Install Plugins
Upload Themes
Google Analytics Integration
Remove WordPress.com Branding


Useful Post : Migrating WordPress.com Blog to WordPress.org Blog 


Final Conclusion on WordPress.com : 


  • WordPress.com is Sensible Option if you don’t want Hassles of Technicality like Managing Web Hosts, Fixing Website / Blog Errors, Traffic Management Issues.Everything is Done by WordPress.com Team.
  • I suggest Free Plan for Hobby Bloggers and $ 25 /mo Plan which covers Everything.
  • Not Recommended to Run Online Business and Professional Blogs


2. WordPress.org


WordPress.org is an Open Source CMS which is completely free of cost. To start a Professional Blog or Website, All you need is a Domain from Godaddy and Web Hosting.

To maintain a Professional Blog you need some amount of Money.

WordPress.org doesn’t have any kind of Limitations, You are the Boss of your Website and no one can Shut Down your Website until unless you do some illegal Stuff.

Many Professional Bloggers and Online Business using WordPress are on WordPress.org Platform.


 5 Must have Things to start a Blog/ Website on WordPress.org


1. A Domain Name ( Godaddy or Namecheap ) 

A Domain name is required to start. I suggest Godaddy for Domain Registration as their User Interface and Dashboard is very Easy and anyone can Operate.


2. Web Hosting 

This is Most Crucial Part, If you choose a bad Web host Company you will face a lot of troubles. You can even end up loosing your Desired Domain due to choosing Wrong Web Host.

For Entry Level Sites or Blogs, I Recommend Siteground Hosting. WordPress.org Official Recommends it.

Siteground offers you with Latest Technology Stack which is Essential to Run with Smooth Experience.

For Growing Businesses, I Highly Recommend you to go with WPEngine or Kinsta. Both are Reputed Names in Managed WordPress Hosting and are Officially Recommended by Google for Hosting WordPress Websites.


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