WordPress Security Guide for Beginners: Practical Tweaks and Fixes

WordPress Powers 31% of the Internet, It’s a Crazy Number.

Do you know that WordPress by Default is not Secure? WordPress is the most common CMS which is Vulnerable to Hacking.

I have seen and heard from Fellow Freinds that WordPress is the most common and easy Target by Hackers.

The main reason behind this issue is Choosing Bad Web Hosting Provider and not Optimizing your WordPress Site.

WordPress is not secure by Default but that doesn’t mean you can’t make WordPress Secure, Yes you can and it is very easy to apply simple Tweaks and Fixes.

First things first, I highly Suggest you choose and Invest some good money in WordPress Hosting, Do not choose cheap WordPress Hosting Providers, It will only make you frustrated.

At the End, it’s all about Servers, Whether it’s Google, Youtube, Facebook or any other Giant if their server is compromised then we cannot do anything.

But the point I want to make is if you are Hosting your WordPress Blog, Choose only Good WordPress Hosting Providers, Not General Web Hosting Provider. The reason behind this is there are real-time Wordpress Experts which solve your Problem whenever your Website gets into Trouble.

For this Issue or Problem, I will only Suggest my Readers Siteground for Hosting Small Traffic Blogs and for High Traffic Sites I will only Suggest Kinsta and WPEngine.

Let’s get straight to the Point, I am going to List down all the Best WordPress Security Tips and Tweaks which can make your WordPress Blog/Site Super Secure.


WordPress Security Tips and Fixes 


1. Change WordPress Login URL


Wordpress Security


This is the most common way the Bad guys attack WordPress Sites by Getting into Default WordPress Login which is https://www.example.com/wp-admin or https://www.example.com/wp-login, I highly suggest you change the URL right away and name your desired URL.

make your WordPress Login URL very fancy that no one can ever guess that not even your Personal Buddies, You know what I mean!

It is very easy and simple to change WordPress Login URL, You can use Wordfence, Bulletproof Security WordPress Plugins to do that.


2. Limit your WordPress Login Attempts 


This basically means that you set the Number of Attempts on the WordPress Login Page, By Default WordPress Doesn’t set any Limits to your Login Page.

Use WordPress Plugin Limit Login Attempts which is completely Free, You can set any desired number.

I suggest you set and Configure 3 Attempts, After 3 Attempts of Trying and Testing the User will be Locked for a Particular period of Time. You can even set the Time.


3. Don’t Use “Admin” as a Username


This is the Most common mistake Beginners do, You need to change your Username.

You can easily do that in the Settings Tab in User’s Section. After Changing and Adding New Admin or Username Delete “Admin” Username Permanently.



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